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How can you
serve your church

If you are a committed attendee of Folsom Bible Church looking to serve, there are several opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents for the betterment of your church family and the glory of God.

Which team(s) would you like to be a part of? (Roles explained below.)


Provide all caretaking needs appropriate to nursery-age children, as well as activities for other young children, for parents who elect to not keep their children with them in the main gathering and request this service. Note: background checks are legally mandated for these persons, of which the church leaders will coordinate with each participant.


For all events, personally welcome all individuals entering, particularly non-regulars and visitors. Provide "getting to know us" packets to all first-timers

Sound System

Coordinate with the speakers and musicians/singers with the proper arrangement and testing of all audio system components. Assist with moving the system hardware in and out of the building, before and after each event.


Provide a safe environment for worship and learning for the congregation as they gather, starting in the parking areas and in all parts of the building. This includes checking for locked doors where appropriate, limiting external entry to only one or two observable doorways, and keeping a watchful eye over all unrecognized persons who come near or enter the premise throughout the duration of the event, including the exiting of people into the parking areas afterwards. A pre determined response plan should be drafted and reviewed with the leadership, including the procedures for contacting local emergency services as needed, made known to all concerned.


For the sound system (above) as well as any furnishings, hand-out materials, food and drink, and other items that require stowing or removal from the building after we have used it in each gathering. This includes any clean-up, trash removal, and reorganizing of furnishings so as to leave things as we found them, in good order and cleanliness, each time we meet.

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