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Our Commitments


Passionately pursue excellence in all we do

Humbly submit to God in prayer

Zealously love God and all people

Diligently preserve unity by defending the truth

Boldly proclaim the Gospel to all people

Faithfully teach and obey Scripture

Graciously love one another


Our Statement of Faith






Our Distinctives


Gospel Focused


Sufficiency of Scripture

Expository Preaching


Premillennial Eschatology


What We Are

We started Folsom Bible Church believing that this area needed a gospel-centered, Christ-exalting church that teaches the whole counsel of God.

It is our mission to promote the fame of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and the joy of all people. The foundation of our Church is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Word of God is our guide for faith and practice. The ultimate purpose of our Church is to promote the glory of God, and our top priorities aim to accomplish this purpose.

In dependence upon His grace we endeavor to fulfill these priorities:

Scripture Saturated

Since the Scripture is sufficient for salvation and sanctification, the ministry of the Word is the top priority for the church. A public proclamation of the Word (preaching) is the church's primary work. Thus, we emphasize strong pulpit ministry devoted to clear exposition of the Word. Furthermore, teaching and counseling must permeate every ministry for the edification and the equipping of the saints.


Prayer Empowered

Prayer is an expression of humble dependence on God. Apart from God and His power, we are powerless in this world. Thus, we emsphasize both corporate and private prayer as a means of fellowship with God as well as the ministry of intercession.


Singing Committed

Congregational singing is a dynamic witness and testimony to Christ and His Gospel. Therefore, doctrinally rich worship is a necessary characteristic of a biblical church. The aim of music in the church is to glorify God and edify believers. Thus, the form is not the focus, but rather tasteful and singable melodies with moving lyrics sung with power and authenticity by a congregational voice, glorifying the One who is eternally worthy of our praise and adoration.


Discipleship Focused

Discipleship is a mandate to the church. The Great Commission instructs us to evangelize the lost, baptize those who believe, and train them so that they become disciple-makers. Discipleship is modeled and accomplished in the context of formal and informal interaction.


Service Oriented

Since God supernaturally gifts each believer with a capacity for spiritual service, believers must exercise their gifts to build up the body. Thus, we encourage and equip each person to contribute to the growth of the body.